christmas came early when i got to call you mine
so here's a few things for you to call yours.

daddy colson

hotel diablo merch

just a few things i think know you'd look good in. the beginning of your collection really because you're going to end up with all of it at some point. you got the keys to hotel diablo now. it's yours.

your favorite color

gucci soho small leather disco bag & venus et fleur red roses that will last a whole year

remember when you said no pressure and i said let me flex on my girl? i can tell you now i did go a little extra on it, but we're apart for the holiday and it's our first christmas as a couple so i just had to do it. you deserve the world and you deserve a smile on your face always to match the one you always give me.

obligatory shoes

let's be knew this was coming...

first pair: gucci carmen 105mm suede sandals with crystals

second pair: alaia suede platform ankle-strap sandals

the scent of you

my favorite cologne is from this brand, le labo, so i thought i'd pick a perfume scent out specifically for you.

went with Baie 19 which has "notes of petrichor: dry juniper berry , the patchouli, the green leaves... all soaked by a beautiful, luminous, magnetic rain after a long drought. And the joy that comes with it..."

i was in a drought for a long time emotionally. couldn't trust nobody, not willing to let anyone get a shot at this heart of mine and ending up lonely and miserable because of it, wasting my time on things i knew weren't good for me. then came you. beautiful, luminous, magnetic you. you are that rain after the drought for me, and the joy that comes with it.

diamond in the rough

this rough diamond necklace features 48 unprocessed diamonds. it's a lot like me. i'm not smooth or polished, i'm rough around the edges. when we first started talking i never thought you'd give me a real shot outside something fun. half the shit that came out of my mouth had me thinking you'd run the other way at any moment. i know my past is crazy and that my present ain't much less on that, but for some reason you still like me. you still chose me and decided to ride with me in this adventure. thank you for looking past the roughness and seeing me for just me, colson.